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Make us part of your child's milestones. A lifetime of healthy teeth starts here, at home, and with you. Everyone can appreciate the bright smile of a child, so make sure you're keeping your kids' smile in tip-top shape with Aquafresh®! Healthy teeth begin with healthy habits, and we have a toothpaste for every age. The best part? Your kids can grow up with Aquafresh® toothpaste.


We've got a few tricks up our sleeve to keep brushing fun (because it is)! We'll give you tips on getting your little ones to really dig going to the dentist, have a blast with brushing, fancy a little daily flossing, and all sorts of fun Aquafresh® activities!

Aquafresh Man Kids


Learn about the special care needed for your baby's baby teeth, and how to keep them clean.


Most kids have all their baby teeth by age three. Make sure you're taking care of those tiny teeth with the proper toddler toothpaste!

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Aquafresh® Extreme Clean® can help brighten your smile in no time.

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Check out more from Captain Aquafresh® to learn how to fight cavities.

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Learn more about your oral health and how Aquafresh® helps keep you feeling clean.

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