All About Aquafresh: Aquafresh Throughout the Years

Aquafresh® toothpaste has been a top choice in oral care for over 40 years. Generation after generation has counted on Aquafresh® for clean, protected teeth and healthy, happy smiles. Millions of people of all ages rely on Aquafresh® as part of their daily care routine.



When SmithKline Beecham originally developed Aquafresh® toothpaste in 1973, it was designed to become a leading toothpaste brand in the oral hygiene market. SmithKline Beecham knew that to become successful, their toothpaste would need to possess a unique, differentiating feature from its competitors. They came up with two:

1. Aquafresh® was the first striped toothpaste to launch within the oral hygiene market at the time. It originally had blue and white stripes, syncing up with two key product benefits: fresh breath and fighting tooth decay.

2. Aquafresh® was also the first brand to offer 'freshness' as a major product benefit to consumers. Having fresh breath and a good-tasting toothpaste were important to young people and families at the time, and remain so today.

The way in which Aquafresh® was launched also added to its appeal. A new style of advertising was designed for its launch. The ‘Ocean of Freshness’ advertisement used images of blue seas and cresting waves to communicate the product’s freshness and taste attributes. This advertisement was instrumental in further differentiating the brand from its competitors and Aquafresh® was very quickly established as the best and most modern toothpaste brand on the market.

Consumers’ needs and wants are continuously changing and evolving. Because of this, companies must develop their brands to ensure they remain relevant and appealing to their target market. Awareness and interest in oral hygiene had developed considerably and as a result new needs began to emerge. People wanted to prevent decay, have fresh breath and feel confident about how their teeth looked. In the early ‘80s, it was time to make some changes to the original Aquafresh® product in response to these emerging trends. A product development strategy was set in motion to develop the products of the future. This was essential in order to bring Aquafresh® to a leading position in the marketplace. Consumers were becoming more knowledgeable about oral hygiene and fighting plaque had become a significant issue.

Aquafresh® went on to expand its product line to incorporate various market trends and developments through the years, including new flavors, pump packaging, and a third, red stripe.

As a result of the marketing research and strategy behind Aquafresh® Whitening, the product line has continued to grow into the diverse offerings you see today.



Today, Aquafresh® is recognized by its three distinct stripes: the original blue and white, and a third red stripe.

The value of Aquafresh® can be found in our core benefits: freshness, fighting tooth decay, and healthy gums.** Our three stripes, or 'nurdles' as we like to call them, are a distinct and dedicated reminder of the value of Aquafresh®.

**With twice-daily brushing.