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How to Help Your Family Brush Their Teeth for Two Minutes

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You might not know that the American Dental Association not only recommends brushing twice a day, every day, no matter your age (as long as you have teeth), but they also recommend that you brush them for two minutes each time. While two minutes doesn’t seem long, if you have little kids, getting them to do something like an oral-hygiene routine for two minutes can be a struggle. We came up with some ideas to help you keep your little ones brushing those pearly whites for a full 120 seconds.

Hacks to Help Your Kids Brush Their Teeth For Two Full Minutes

1. Create a playlist.

Find a handful of songs that are at least two-minutes long and put them all together on a playlist on your phone or iPad. Take it into the bathroom with your kids when it’s time for teeth brushing. Play the song and tell them to brush until it’s over. It helps if you fill the list with your kids’ faves.

2. Find a video online.

Do your kids have a favorite video sensation that they follow or a favorite song that they constantly ask for? If so, queue up one of their favorite videos and let them watch — but only if they brush while doing it.

3. Brush during commercial breaks.

If you’re watching a show as a family, commercial breaks can usually take about two minutes or so. Tell your kids that they have to brush for the entirety of the commercial break in order to be able to finish the show.

4. Set a timer.

It’s not the most creative or fun, but it works! Use your phone to set a countdown or buy a timer you can leave in the bathroom. Set it for two minutes and let the brushing begin.

Another way to help your kids keep their teeth healthy is by talking to your dentist about the proper time to start them on a fluoride toothpaste, and then teaching them to brush with a fluoride toothpaste like Aquafresh Kid’s Cavity Protection. Not only will they love the bubble mint flavor, but you’ll be happy knowing the fluoride in Aquafresh provides sugar acid protection, and helps strengthen teeth, too.

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