How to maintain healthy teeth and gums

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Your guide to healthy gums

We all want to have a smile we can be proud of; to have that, we need to make sure that we have healthy teeth and gums. Our teeth are meant to last us a lifetime, which also means taking care of our gums and taking precautions against issues like gum disease. There are a number of ways that you can make sure that you have a healthy smile.

What are the signs of a healthy smile and happy gums?

Many of us have been told what to look out for when something is wrong with our teeth, but what about when they’re healthy? Some of the signs that are promising include some of the following:

Gums that are firm and pink

The inside of your mouth can tell you if your gums are happy and healthy. They should be firm and pink, as well as have a healthy amount of saliva. If your gums are healthy, they will also be pain-free.

Strong and sturdy teeth

While when we were children, a wobbly tooth meant a visit from the tooth fairy, as an adult, it’s a trip to the dentist. As an adult, teeth should be sturdy in your mouth. Similarly, any crowns or fillings you’ve had should fit well, and you should not notice any movement. Healthy teeth and gums will be strong and stable; if there’s any movement, contact your dentist.

Neutral smelling breath

As much as we’d all love to have a minty-smelling breath as soon as we wake up, it doesn’t quite work this way. Instead, you should have a fairly neutral smell (until you use mouthwash or toothpaste, of course).

Clear brushing

When you brush or floss, you shouldn’t see blood as they shouldn’t bleed regularly; if you do, make sure to book an appointment to see your dentist, even if it is a small amount. Also, make sure you are not brushing too hard, as this can cause bleeding.1

White teeth

It seems simple, but from a cosmetic perspective, having white teeth not only gives you confidence but signals a healthy life and healthy teeth. It also means you’re avoiding things that stain, such as tobacco and red wine. If you’re concerned about the colour of your teeth, however, there are a number of whitening toothpaste that can help.

That said, at times, there can be issues, and it’s important to know what you’re looking for.

Gum Disease – What is it, and how can you avoid it?

If teeth are not taken care of, you can develop gum disease, which is incredibly common. If you find that your gums have become red, swollen and sore, as well as notice blood when you brush, you may have gum disease. If not treated, gum disease can lead to issues such as having bad breath or altered taste, shrinking gums or tooth loss.2

Please note if you have the following symptoms, it is advised to book an urgent dentist appointment2:

-        Very sore and swollen gums

-        Teeth falling out or becoming loose

-        Red patches in your mouth

-        Ulcers in your mouth

-        A lump in your mouth or throat


Steps you can take to achieve healthy gums and teeth

There are a number of steps that you can take to keep your gums healthy and, in return, have healthy teeth. We’ve pulled together some of the best tips for you to follow:

Brush twice a day

We’re told from childhood that we should brush our teeth twice a day; this is to keep plaque buildup at bay. Dental plaque is a sticky film that is naturally found on our teeth; while everyone has it, if left, it can cause a number of issues such as cavities, tooth decay and gum disease. You can find out more about plaque here.

Invest in a fluoride toothpaste 

Kinds of toothpaste such as Aquafresh Triple Protection use fluoride to ensure that you have the best clean possible, leading to healthy gums. Within our triple protection, toothpaste fluoride is used so that those brushing with it can benefit from 24-hour sugar-acid protection.

Having regular check-ups with your dentist

Your dentist is the best person to work with so that you can have healthy gums. Making sure that you attend your check-ups regularly, whether that is every six months or yearly, will put you in the best position to have the smile you want.

Food for healthy gums

There are a number of foods that can help you when it comes to keeping your gums healthy and keeping your smile and health in top shape. 

Some of the recommended foods include:

Cheeses, milk and yoghurt

For those who can have dairy, it’s an excellent source of calcium that is low in sugar, high in calcium and easily available. In addition to this, milk and cheese are known to lower the acid levels in the mouth, which can help you fight tooth decay. Meanwhile, yoghurt can also help to protect against cavities, gum disease and even bad breath, thanks to the levels of calcium and probiotics in it.3

Crunchy vegetables

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to crunchy vegetables, particularly as you have to chew them a lot, meaning that your teeth are getting a workout while also taking in water, minerals and vitamins that you need to stay healthy.4

Meats, Tofu and Fatty Fish

If you eat meat, the good news is that it can be great a great way to support healthy teeth. This is because the chewing it takes to get through most meat produces saliva and reduces acidity. On the other hand, for vegetarians and pescatarians, fatty fish such as salmon and tofu include a lot of phosphorus which is an important mineral that contributes to healthy enamel.5

There are many more that can benefit your teeth and gums, some of which you can find here

When it comes to having a confident smile, a regular oral hygiene routine is key, and part of that means finding a toothpaste that works for you. To find out more about how Aquafresh’s products can help you maintain a healthy smile that will make you feel confident, visit our website.


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