Make Brush Time Fun with Our Brush Time App


It’s important to get your kids brushing their teeth for two whole minutes as soon as you can, so they can build healthy habits that will last a lifetime. But encouraging children to brush for that long can be a challenge – even for adults, two minutes of brushing can feel like a long time. Thankfully, the Aquafresh Brush Time App is here to inject some much-needed fun into your kids’ brushing routine.


Our free, interactive app is guaranteed to make your little one’s brush time instantly more engaging, with a catchy 2-minute song for brushing teeth that will have them enthusiastically reaching for their Little Teeth toothbrush in no time. Read on to find out more about our entertaining little app, as well as our other top tips for making your kids’ brush time, fun time.


Great Oral Hygiene Starts with Healthy Habits at Home


Before we dive into the Aquafresh Brush Time App, with its addictively unforgettable songs to brush your teeth to, let’s explore why ensuring our children brush their teeth for 2 full minutes each time is essential for their oral health.

To keep teeth strong and healthy, having a consistent brushing routine using specially formulated children’s tooth care products is vital for little ones. Regular brushing helps to remove plaque build-up that can lead to tooth decay if ignored.1

According to the latest research on brush-time, two minutes is the minimum length we should be brushing our teeth to remove as much plaque as possible.2 This is especially important for kids, whose milk teeth are susceptible to cavities. In England, a quarter of 5-year-olds experience tooth decay.3

However, it’s no secret that kids aren’t the most patient among us. How can you keep them interested and having fun while brushing their teeth for two whole minutes? That’s where the Aquafresh Brush Time App comes in!


What is the Aquafresh Brush Time App?


Join Captain Aquafresh and the Nurdles as they sing along to your little one’s tooth cleaning with a cheerful tooth brushing song. Kids can choose their favourite character, colour backdrop, and 12 different teeth brushing songs to help make brush time, play time.  Choose between Captain Aquafresh, Billy Nurdle, Lilly Nurdle and little Milky Nurdle.

But it's not just fun and games on the Brush Time App (though there is plenty of that!). The app has a built-in timer that counts down the recommended two minutes to ensure your child’s teeth are clean, healthy and protected.

Where Can I Download It?


You can download the Brush Time App for free via the Apple App Store.

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Tips for Making Brush Time, Fun Time


Brushing your little ones’ teeth can be fun!


From the appearance of their very first milk tooth to when they begin to wobble and right up to the moment their permanent teeth arrive – we’re here to make sure your kids’ teeth grow up healthy and strong. So, how can you make brush time more engaging and fun for both you and your little one?


Teeth Brushing Songs


Our love for teeth brushing songs will come as no surprise if you’ve used the Aquafresh Brush Time App. Using 2-minute songs for brushing your little one’s teeth is both a great way to ensure they’re cleaning their teeth for the right amount of time and the perfect way to create an interactive brushing routine they’ll look forward to each day.

You’ll find 12 different catchy teeth brushing songs on our free Brush Time App, but if you’re looking for more variety, why not try one of the YouTube videos below to mix things up?


Other Things You Can Do to Create a Fun Teeth Brushing Routine

  • Whether it’s just one tooth or a whole mouthful, it’s important to ensure that all your kids’ teeth are thoroughly brushed from the moment they appear. Why not try initiating some games with your little one during brush time by encouraging a wide-open mouth (like a Hippo) when brushing to inject a sense of fun into the activity and ensure every tooth gets a complete clean.
  • A missing tooth can sometimes make brushing painful – having a gap in your mouth is never fun. Luckily, the magic of the tooth fairy can help keep a smile on their face until their new teeth grow in.
  • If they’re old enough, you can reward consistent tooth brushing to get your little one interested in maintaining their oral health routine. Offer small prizes as an incentive or create a tooth brushing chart with gold stars for every successful 2-minute brush.

The earlier your child begins looking after their teeth, the easier it will be for them to maintain a healthy mouth well into adulthood. Try our Brush Time App today and discover how our catchy 2-minute teeth brushing songs can transform your kids’ brush time routine.

You can find out more about looking after your children’s teeth throughout every stage of their development by visiting our kids’ oral care information page here. There you’ll find articles on everything from choosing the right tooth care products to spotting the symptoms of common dental problems.


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