It’s important to get your kids brushing for two minutes as soon as you can, so they can build habits that will last a lifetime. And the free Aquafresh Brush Time app is here to make brush time, fun time.

Make Brush Time Fun With Our Brush Time App

We know how hard it can be to get your little one to brush their teeth for the recommended 2 minutes. So we want to make it easier. The habits they learn at a young age will last them a lifetime. Our free brush time app makes brush time fun!


Captain Aquafresh and the Nurdles sing and dance while your little ones brush. The app has a timer that counts down the recommended two minutes.

Brushing your little ones’ teeth can be fun!

From their first appearance, to when they go all wobbly and right up to when their permanent teeth arrive, we’re here to make sure your little one’s teeth grow up strong.

  • Whether it’s one little tooth or a mouthful, it’s important they are all brushed from the moment they appear. Playing games and encouraging a wide-open mouth when brushing can help achieve this. 
  • A missing tooth can sometimes make brushing painful and having gaps in their mouth isn’t always fun. The magic of the tooth fairy will keep smiles on their faces. 
  • Don’t forget to download our free app so your little one can brush along to the singing and dancing.

Click below to download free.

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