Shining a light on teeth whitening and how it works

Captain Aqaufresh standing in darkness with a headlamp, shining a light on teeth whitening.

Most people will experience stains on their teeth at some point. But with a little help, you can put some sparkle back into your smile. From toothpastes to treatments, you just need to find the right whitening option for you.

Why do teeth change colour?

If your teeth seem to have changed colour recently, think about why they might have darkened. It may be something you do regularly. And by changing your lifestyle and with regular brushing, you may be able to get back to a dazzling smile. Some possible causes of staining could be:

  • Drinks – Tea, coffee and red wine are all known to be able to stain teeth. 
  • Foods – Certain dark fruits and vegetables like berries and beetroot, or rich saucy dishes like curry and bolognese.
  • Aging – As we grow older, the dentine that sits inside our teeth can darken, making them naturally appear darker with age.
  • Smoking – Tobacco can lead to a number of tooth problems, including staining your teeth. If you are thinking of quitting, speak to your dentist or doctor for advice and support.
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Brushing with a whitening toothpaste

All toothpastes help remove stains in one way or another. But whitening toothpastes, like Aquafresh Active White, aim to go a step further. Gently lifting stains to give you a brighter smile in a matter of weeks. With regular twice-daily brushing, this offers a low-cost solution that can slot into your daily routine.

Getting the proper treatment

When it comes to teeth, no-one knows more than the dentist. And if you have your mind set on dental bleaching, then make sure it’s done right. Dentists use peroxide gels or strips that actually bleach your teeth, getting at stains beneath the surface. They may also use special lighting to enhance the whitening agent. All aiming to give you a pearly white smile in a matter of days.

Brushing twice a day with a whitening toothpaste and regular visits to the dentist is usually enough to keep your smile sparkling. But if you're looking for extra help, speak to your dentist about the best teeth whitening option for you.

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