Aquafresh Complete Care Extra Fresh Toothpaste

Complete care with a burst of freshness

Aquafresh All In One Extra Fresh toothpaste blue packaging with green accents.

Powerful clean that freshens breath

Fresh breath starts with a good dental care routine. And brushing twice a day with Aquafresh Complete Care Extra Fresh with its eight key benefits is a great way to help you get there. It helps shield your teeth against cavities and sugar acid attacks, as well as killing bad breath-causing bacteria*. And it leaves you with an extra fresh taste.

  • Active formula to strengthen enamel
  • Helps neutralise bad breath for a fresher, cleaner mouth
  • Contains fluoride for 24hr Sugar Acid Protection**

* in laboratory tests
** follow a healthy diet and brush twice-daily as protection may decrease between brushing

A teeth getting cleaned with Aquafresh stripes