Aquafresh Naturals Herbal Fresh

Actively cleans, freshens and protects

Aquafresh Naturals Herbal Fresh

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Powerful protection, backed by nature.


Discover freshness with Aquafresh Naturals Herbal Fresh Toothpaste. Part of the Naturals range, this fluoride toothpaste is formulated with 97% naturally derived ingredients and boasts a triple protection formula for strong teeth, healthy gums*, and fresh breath.


Experience the unique, refreshing blend of 100% naturally derived mint and botanical herbs that have been blended for great-tasting freshness and to leave your mouth feeling clean. No synthetic sweeteners, flavours, or preservatives, this toothpaste also rebuilds enamel strength and has a 24-hour enamel shield**.


Developed by experts, Aquafresh Naturals Herbal Fresh Toothpaste is planet-friendly in that it comes in fully recyclable packaging and carton made from recycled cardboard.


*with twice daily brushing

**enamel shield via fluoride with twice daily brushing

A teeth getting cleaned with Aquafresh stripes