Aquafresh Triple Protection – Fresh & Minty

3-in-1 protection with fresh and minty flavour




Aquafresh Triple Protection is a clinically proven formula. It rebuilds enamel strength from the inside out, creating a shield** to help protect teeth; it helps protect gums*; and refreshes breath with a fresh mint flavour.


When you brush with our great-tasting formulation, delivers fluoride to tooth surfaces to strengthen enamel. This creates a protective shield to help lock out sugar acid attack.

  • 24hrs Enamel Shield**
  • Rebuilds Enamel Strength
  • Helps Remove Plaque To Protect Gums*
  • Refreshes Breath

And all this comes in a recyclable tube and carton.


* with twice-daily brushing
** Enamel shield via fluoride, with brushing twice daily


Aquafresh Triple Protection Fresh & Minty toothpaste packaging with blue accent.

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