It’s important to get your kids brushing for two minutes as soon as you can, so they can build habits that will last a lifetime. And the free Aquafresh Brush Time app is here to make brush time, fun time.

Brush along with our free Brush Time app

It can be hard to keep kids brushing for two minutes, so let’s make it fun. Captain Aquafresh and the Nurdles sing and dance on screen, while your child brushes their teeth clean. With a catchy song, points to collect, brushing tips and a two-minute timer that counts down. They’ll soon learn the importance of a good daily brush.

Making brushing more fun

When brushing feels fun, it’s easier for your child to think of it as part of their day. And the easiest way to keep them interested is to make it more like play time.

  • A great place to start is downloading our free Brush Time app so your little one can brush along to the singing and dancing.
  • Try being creative around how your child brushes. Challenge them to brush for a full two minutes without stopping. Or brush along with them and have a staring contest at the same time. As long as they’re getting in a good full brush.
  • To make sure they’ve brushed properly, ask them to smile like a monkey when you check their teeth. Or maybe pretend they’re a crocodile or fierce tiger, which both need big open mouths.
  • Milk teeth falling out is also a natural part of growing up, which might seem confusing to your child. If you need help explaining everything is ok, it could be time for the tooth fairy to pay a visit.

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