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4 Cute Tooth Fairy Traditions to Try with Your Kids

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When it comes to good oral health, it’s best to start kids young. That’s what the idea of the Tooth Fairy is ultimately all about, right? But if you think it’s as simple as having your littles put their baby teeth under their pillows in exchange for treats, think again. Consider getting a bit more creative with your traditions, so you don’t miss this opportunity to really drive home healthy oral habits. These four cute Tooth Fairy traditions might seem a little extra, but they’ll make the experience of losing a tooth memorable for your child and turn into a fun, teachable moment.

Tooth Fairy Traditions to Try

DIY a pocket pillow together.

Instead of having kids put their teeth under their pillows — and hoping you’ll actually be able to make the swap without waking them, turn the whole process into an easy tooth pillow art project and oral hygiene talk. Buy a small pillow case from a craft store or repurpose a throw cushion cover from around the house. Have your little one cut a pocket off of an old t-shirt and help them stitch that to the front of the case. This is where their teeth will go when they lose them, and they can set the pillow out for the Tooth Fairy on their bed once you fill the cushion with stuffing or a pillow insert. While you’re crafting together, take the time to talk about the importance of brushing, flossing, and caring for their new teeth that will be coming in soon.

Give special Tooth Fairy money.

Instead of using plain old dollar bills as Tooth Fairy loot, consider doing something fun and a little silly. Spray bills and/or coins with “fairy dust,” aka glitter hairspray. Or, get special $2 bills or half-dollars from the bank so it feels like a special currency. These small touches can help reinforce the fairy concept, giving you a platform to talk about losing teeth — and how to properly care for the new ones — with your child.

Make “healthy tooth care” packages for your kids.

If you’re not into the whole idea of sugary treats or cash for teeth, you can start your own fun Tooth Fairy tradition, and make it all about good oral health. Reward your little with a new toothbrush, fun animal or neon colored flossers, and a new tube of Aquafresh. Your child will get excited about the colorful look of Aquafresh, and you can rest easy knowing Aquafresh deliver a cleaner, fresher way to a healthy mouth1. (Note: Make sure you talk to your dentist about the proper time to start your child on a fluoride toothpaste.)

Leave a letter from the fairy.

You have your child’s attention, so take a little liberty as the Tooth Fairy and turn it into a teachable moment. Write a letter praising something good your kid did or call attention to something that wasn’t such a great moment and explain why it was an issue. Sometimes, if the message isn’t coming “directly” from you, they just might listen a little differently. It’s kind of like the Santa Claus effect, only with teeth and the Tooth Fairy.

Oral health doesn’t have to be a chore. If you get kids excited about brushing, flossing, and caring about their teeth early in life with these creative Tooth Fairy ideas, you’ll build a foundation for a lifetime of good dental habits.

1 When used as directed.

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