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How Long Your Kids Should Be Brushing Their Teeth For

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Kids versus adults: they’re different sizes, eat different food portions, have different energy levels, and even practice different bath time and hair-washing routines. So when it comes to brushing teeth, the timing may be different, right? How long should kids brush their teeth for?

Unlike many other daily activities, the amount of time that should be spent brushing teeth is one of the things that both adults and kids have in common. The American Dental Association recommends brushing for two minutes twice a day for adults but also for kids.

“Adults, and children whose teeth have come in, should brush two minutes, morning and night, daily,” says Dr. Richard Liebman, DMD, dentist in White Plains, NY. Flossing once a day is recommended as well.

After talking to your dentist about the appropriate time for children to start using a fluoride toothpaste, make tooth brushing a habit you and your kids can do together by using the same Aquafresh toothpaste brand (they can use kids Aquafresh Kids Cavity Protection, and you can use Aquafresh Cavity Protection), and brushing for the same amount of time. Aquafresh combines ingredients for healthy, strong teeth with a more enjoyable sensorial experience to deliver a cleaner, fresher way to a healthy mouth, so brushing feels like less of a chore and more like something kids — and adults — want to do.