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7 Fun Summer Activities For Kids

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The temperatures are up, the sun is out, and the birds are chirping — it’s summertime! Summer means a long break from school for your kids, which they love, but you might dread because you aren’t quite sure what to do with them every day. Afterall, eight-plus weeks off is a long time! Don’t fret though; there are lots of healthy and fun summer activities for kids, it just takes a little research and planning. And good news: we’ve done the research part for you. While you’ll still have to plan a bit, here are some ideas for healthy and fun activities you can do with your kids this season.

Fun Summer Activities For Kids

Join a sports league

Chances are your town has a rec center where they offer Summer leagues for children. You can look online if they have a website or visit in person to learn what’s offered for different age groups. From baseball to soccer and basketball, they’ll be sure to offer something your child wants to be involved in.

Schedule weekly bike rides

Well, it doesn’t technically have to be on a regimented schedule, but try to get out on bikes with you children at least once a week. You can use it as a time to catch up with them while you take in some fresh Summer air. Plus, you’ll all be getting in a bit of exercise, too. You can even make it a weekly “bike to get ice cream” if it gets you out there and moving.

Set up camp in the backyard

You don’t have to travel to a campgroup to experience a great overnight. Instead, pitch a tent in your backyard and camp out for the evening with your kids. They’ll love the adventure of sleeping in the outdoors and it will be as if you actually took them somewhere new for the night. If it’s a clear night, you’ll be able to stargaze as well!

Plant something

Kids love being a part of things, and they especially enjoy being able to point out ownership as time goes on. So why not spend an afternoon planting flowers, herbs, or veggies around the house so you and your kids can watch them grow all Summer long. If you plant something like tomatoes, you’ll be able to make an activity out of picking them, too, and your kids will love being able to say they planted the food you’re eating!

Visit a city or county fair

Warm weather usually brings about a county or city fair. While your town might not have one, there’s probably one in a nearby village or county. Plan ahead and make a day of it! Your kids will love the rides, activities, and treats! Just be sure when you get home that they brush for two minutes with a toothpaste like Aquafresh Kids Bubble Mint toothpaste to help keep cavities at bay.

Turn on the sprinklers

It may seem simple, but little kids especially love running through the shooting water over and over again. They can play games like red rover or just have fun jumping over the H2O in sync. If it’s really hot, you may even want to run through to cool off!

Hit the beach

It’s Summer, so it goes without saying that it’s beach season. Pack some healthy snacks, SPF, towels, chairs, and pool and sand toys and head to the ocean. Let’s be honest: kids and adults alike love a good beach day!

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