For White and Shiny Teeth

Extreme Clean®

Aquafresh® Extreme Clean® toothpaste has bad-breath germ-killing micro-active bubbles that get into hard-to-reach places for a feeling of clean like nothing else. Whitening Action includes polishing particles for a bright smile.
Aquafresh® Ultimate White is an effective teeth whitening toothpaste because it contains micro-fine whitening crystals that are proven to get teeth whiter

Ultimate White

Aquafresh® Ultimate White toothpaste contains micro-fine whitening crystals proven to get teeth whiter. It contains gentle polishers that smooth away imperfections and help to make teeth look their whitest.

Extra Fresh® + Whitening

Get Triple Protection® benefits every time you brush. Each variety provides strong teeth and gives your mouth a fresh, clean sensation that lasts. Aquafresh® Extra Fresh® + Whitening toothpaste has a minty, extra-fresh flavor that tastes great!