Big Teeth

A Grown up Mouth

What Are Teeth Made Of?

Teeth are made up of four main parts. On the outside is a protective layer of enamel - the hardest substance in the body. Below that is a bone-like substance called dentin, which makes up the largest part of the tooth. Underneath the dentin, the tooth actually has a soft center. This is called the pulp, and it houses all of the tooth's blood vessels and nerve endings. Finally, the cementum covers the roots.

That scourge of the Nurdles, tooth decay, starts with the enamel, which has no feeling. But once it reaches the dentin, it can start to cause toothache. If decay ever spreads as far as the pulp, it can be incredibly painful. And no one wants that!

But with a good diet, careful brushing with a fluoride toothpaste and regular dentist visits, you'll be able to help protect your children's teeth against decay.

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