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Aquafresh Make Brushing Fun

Making brushing fun for your child

Our goal is to help you find easy ways to create habits that will bring your children a lifetime of good oral health. Here are some fun ways you and your child can learn and play together.


Keeping any kid brushing for the full two minutes can be hard. But not with our free app. There’s a catchy song, points to collect and tips on brushing thoroughly your child will want to join in with.

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Brush your teeth with the nurdles

Brushing time is better when it feels like play. This video of the Nurdles delivers tons of fun, but also teaches your children valuable brushing techniques and helps to keep them brushing longer. Try it with your kids today!

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2 Minute brushing song

I Love Brushing My Teeth

Your kids will love brushing their teeth, too, with this catchy song that was specially designed to help them brush for two minutes. Just download to your phone, MP3 player or computer and press play when they start to brush!

Download the song

Other easy ways to make brushing your child's teeth fun

We can help make brush time easier with fun tips and advice, like these.

TIP 1: Getting your child to pretend to be a hippo or lion encourages a wide-open mouth for brushing!

TIP 2: Losing teeth and getting gaps is sometimes difficult for children, so use the tooth fairy to make it fun.

Aquafresh Make Brushing Fun App
Aquafresh Learning to Brush Video
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